Our main goal is to supply and provide quality service and product at affordable prices on Livestock and Poultry Farming, We have been in existence for so many years now. We are one of the best autonomous commodity group in South Africa which focus on needs of their members and clients needs. We also do help people in Rural and Urban areas having the dreams and resources in farming to have the best stock they need in making their dreams come through. Agro Harvest Farm work with other organisation in collaboration to produce quality product and to meet our clients demands.


Our strategically located facilities, ensuring that input costs are kept low. We pride ourselves on superseding industry-led quality and safety standards.

We believe in delivering extra-ordinary products and ensuring that quality control is always at the forefront of our processes. For this reason, we have integrated all production processes under one roof guaranteeing total quality management, whilst making us one of the most efficient farming groups in South Africa.

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Fresh Brown Eggs

Prices For Fresh Brown Eggs
We do supply now only in 30 doze,
Small Size,45g-50g
Medium Size,50g-55g
Large Size,55g-60g
X-Large Size, 60g-65g
Jumbo Size, 65g-70g
30 Eggs in One Tray, 12 Trays in One Carton making 360 eggs per box

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Green Mung Beans

Color Green
Brand Angel
Speciality Organic
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Kg
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Wheat Grain

Size 50 kg
Packaging Type Sack
Speciality High in Protein
Cuisine Indian
Cultivation Type Organic
Shell Life 12 Month
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Kabuli Chickpeas

Chickpea seed available
Graded and pickled
Germ tested

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Nguni Cattle


Nguni Prices
Heifers between 13 – 24 Months, Weight 300 – 500kg

R4000 – R8000 Each
Dairy Cows:  R6000 Each
Bulls: R6000–R12,000 Each Weight 500– 700kg
Pregnant: R6000 Each
Calve:Between 3 – 4 Months, Weight 110 – 250kg, R2500 Each

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